What does the Alohar Mobile Platform Do?

Our development platform makes it easy for you to create context-aware apps in weeks, rather than months or years.  Our patented technology enables you to detect when a user arrives or departs a place, without the use of geofences.  It does this at very low power.

Our platform provides you with POI matching to coincide with the arrival and departure events so you know that the user visited Starbucks and not just 123 Main Street.  You’ll get access to user history, a real-time server-side API to receive all user events as they happen and our significant locations API which tells you where the user’s home and work places are and the top ten places they visit.

Alohar’s Analytics provide you with user profiling and segmentation based on the real-world places the visit?  Does your user spend time in parks on the weekend or at the mall?  Do they travel a lot or stay close to home?  A multitude of questions can be answered with this capability.

You can use our iOS or Android SDKs.  To get access to our tools sign up and download the SDKs.


What Kind of Apps Can I Build? 

Alohar apps adhere to the four Ps: Persistent, Personal, Proactive and Predictive.  Apps built on Alohar are able to automatically understand where the user is and trigger certain events.  Our developers have built automatic mileage tracking apps, mobile commerce and couponing apps, IoT apps, restaurant recommendation apps and many more.  Apps built with Alohar work automatically so the user doesn’t have to intervene.  This helps eliminate having to force your users to change their behavior.  

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This challenge is open to: 

  • Individuals at least 18 years of age at the time of entry; Teams of eligible individuals; Organizations (up to 50 employees).
  • Organizations with over 50 employees may compete for the non-cash Large Organization Recognition Award.


SDK: Submitted apps must use either the Alohar iOS or Android SDKs available at http://developer.alohar.com

Eligible Platforms:

  • iPhone 5 or later running iOS 7.1.1+
  • Android 4.0.3 or later with API level 15 or later

Devices must have 3G cellular, Wifi and Location Services enabled.

New & Existing Solutions: Applications may be either newly created by the Maker or, if the Application existed prior to the Challenge Submission Period, the Maker must have integrated an Alohar Mobile SDK, and included new context-ware features or functionality, after the start of the Challenge Submission Period.

Alohar Mobile Intellectual Property: The Alohar Mobile SDK and developer platform and other data are governed by Alohar’s licensing terms: https://developer.alohar.com/devportal/terms/.

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$40,000 in prizes

Grand Prize

$25,000 cash awarded to the app that meets all criteria and receives the highest rating by all judges.

1st Runner Up

$10,000 cash awarded to the app that meets all criteria and receives the second highest rating by the judges.

2nd Runner Up

$4,000 cash awarded to the app that meets all criteria and receives the third highest rating by the judges.

Best Student App

$500 cash awarded to the app that meets all criteria, is created by a student and is judged to be the best student app. Note: A student is also qualified to win Grand, 1st or 2nd Runner Up.

Popular Choice Award

$500 cash awarded to the app that meets all criteria and is voted by the public as the most popular app.

Honorable Mention (3)

App submissions worth mentioning!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Jason Calacanis

Jason Calacanis
Angel Investor, Founder Launch Festival, CEO Inside.com, Host of This Week in Startups

Howard Hartenbaum

Howard Hartenbaum
General Partner, August Capital, Investor in Skype, Bebo, Flurry

Ruth Reader

Ruth Reader
Reporter, Venturebeat

Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble
Evangelist @Rackspace, Author of "Age of Context"

Andy Tang

Andy Tang
CEO Draper University, Managing Director DFJ Dragon Fund

Sam Liang

Sam Liang
CEO, Founder, Alohar Mobile

Alvin Lau

Alvin Lau
Co-Founder, Alohar Mobile

Judging Criteria

  • Quality of Idea
    Creativity and originality.
  • Implementation of Idea
    Includes how well the idea was executed by the developer and the extent to which the application utilizes Alohar Mobile's SDKs.
  • Potential Impact
    The app should address a problem that is painful for a broad audience. Niche apps are good as long as the impact is significant.
  • Market Readiness
    The app should be usable in market by the target audience. This includes quality of the app (minimal bugs) and polish of the user experience and interface.

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